The Ageing Well Team have plenty of useful information to share.  We can chat through what you need or what your interests are and help you find something that will help you maintain your physical and emotional health, just give us a call.


Below are some resources that might be of interest or help.

Some of our Hop 50+ Café customers and Ageing Well Lived Experience Advisory Group members contributed to this video to support Centre for Ageing Better’s much needed report, ‘State of Ageing’.

Practical tips for using the ‘Nutrition Wheel’ to identify signs of under nutrition in Older People. Suitable for both professionals and people concerned about their nutrition.

Nutrition guidelines, tips and ideas for older adults:

Ways to identify undernutrition with older service users:

Signposting, resources and referral process to Ageing Well Undernutrition Support Service:

Brighton & Hove Community Screening Tool for Falls Risk

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