Covid-19 is causing anxiety and practical difficulties for many people and we do not know how long this may continue. Click below for helpful PDFs.

The Ageing Well Teams are however here to share information and help people aged 50+ across the City to get through this. We can chat through what you need or what your interests are and help you find something that will help you maintain your physical and emotional health at this time.


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How to get in touch

Many of the usual services have closed but the teams are there to support over the telephone, by sharing activities which can be done at home and linking people with others they can maintain contact with.

A list of places you can get support can be downloaded below, we will be regularly updating this and refining it as organisations get their revised services in place so do check back for more information. You can always call us on 07770 061072 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm we will be happy to chat to you. Phone numbers for emergency or urgent services are on the list.

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