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Releasing the unique potential of an Ageing Population in Brighton and Hove

Impact initiatives, working with Brighton and Hove City Council, held our 2023 Ageing Well Conference on 21 June. We will be updating this page with photos and thoughts from the day and hope to see you next year.

When & Where:
21 June 2023 | University of Brighton, 154 Edward Street, Brighton BN2 0JG

This conference is for anyone with an interest our ageing population and in embracing the positives this brings.

Councillor Bella Sankey, Leader of BHCC will introduce this unique opportunity to engage with those who are dedicated to challenging ageism and promoting a more inclusive and age-friendly society.

We will explore ways to embrace our ageing population and build stronger, more vibrant communities of people of all ages.

You will hear from experts who will share insights into the benefits of an age-diverse workforce and the benefits of embracing older adults as customers.

We will explore how we can create a more equitable, inclusive and age-friendly society, and unlock the full potential of the City’s increasing number of people aged 50+.


Dr Hannah Swift

Senior Lecturer in Social and Organisational Psychology at the University of Kent.

Ageism and Attitudes to Age
Sharing her research into attitudes to age, age & dementia-friendly communities, workplaces and design, unconscious bias and nudging, diversity, Hannah will cover how we perceive age groups and age stereotypes.

She will demonstrate the consequences of these, how unconscious bias works, the importance of tackling ageism for health and well-being and the benefits of age-diversity in the workplace.

Al Deakin, Space Doctors

A certified B-Corporation which help brands and organisations to connect and respond to cultural change.

How to Understand and Connect with an Older Audience
Bringing their expertise from working with Global brands including Unicef, Meta, Gillette and Haagen Dazs they will explain how they help businesses and global brands connect with culture, so they become more meaningful, relevant and impactful. They will explore with us how organisations and businesses can better understand and communicate with older consumers.

Elizabeth Griffin, Leeds Older People’s Forum

Transforming Leeds to become an Age Friendly City
Elizabeth is a specialist in community development, coproduction, health and wellbeing and working with older people. Drawing on her 23+ years’ experience of working in the public and third sector Elizabeth will take us through Leeds journey to become an Age Friendly City and how businesses and organisations have benefitted from embracing this.

Davina de Laszlo

Age and Dementia Friendly Public Health Specialist at Brighton and Hove City Council.

Introducing and explaining the benefits of Brighton and Hove’s Age and Dementia Friendly City toolkit
Davina will be introducing and explaining the benefits of the Brighton and Hove City Council toolkit. She will explain how this will help businesses and organisations respond to the potential of our older population.


Workshops will be facilitated by specialists in their field from national and international businesses, organisations and universities. They will be an opportunity for delegates to explore specific topics in greater depth in interactive sessions.
Delegates will have the opportunity to select two workshops on the day.

Workshop 1 – Dr Laura Hughes, Kings College, London
Fighting the silver ceiling: the contributions of older people in the workforce and beyond

An interactive discussion about the impact of working and retirement in older age, including how to change perception of the older workforce.

Workshop 2 – Dr Hannah Swift, University of Kent
A deeper dive into age stereotypes and unconscious bias

A fun and creative way to identify and challenge our inherent age biases in a safe interactive session.

Workshop 3 – Mo Kanjilal, Watch This Sp_ce
Releasing the potential of older people – putting theory into practice

Tips and Advice on creating changes that stick in creating a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Workshop 4/Informal Q&A – Davina de Lazlo, Brighton & Hove City Council
Age and Dementia Friendly Business Recognition Scheme

An informal opportunity to talk with Davina about how the Recognition Scheme works and how you might be able to apply it in your own organisation or business.

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