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Championing co-production & community-driven solutions

Embark on a Journey of Empowerment: The Age of Engagement Conference, hosted by Impact Initiatives and the Ageing Well partners, in collaboration with Brighton and Hove City Council. Explore the essence of Service-Shaping for our ageing population. Building on the triumph of last year’s event, The Age of Wisdom, we’re excited to champion co-production and community driven solutions on this transformative journey.

When & Where:
13 June 2024 | University of Brighton, 154 Edward Street, Brighton BN2 0JG

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Discover innovative approaches to engaging older people in the design and delivery of services aimed at promoting wellness and vitality. The conference features esteemed researchers and practitioners sharing invaluable insights gleaned from involving older people in service development. From illuminating studies to practical experiences, we’ll uncover what truly works and what doesn’t, in the realm of ageing well.

This conference isn’t just about sharing knowledge, it’s about igniting a collective passion for collaboration and empowerment. Join us to exchange expertise and champion the voices of older people in Brighton and Hove.


Prof Ann Hemingway

Professor Of Public Health And Wellbeing at Bournemouth University

Discovering the Essence of Engagement: Insights from the SAIL Project

Join Professor Hemingway as she delves into the significance of engagement and unveils insights from the SAIL project (Staying Active and Independent for Longer). Through collaborative co-production strategies, Professor Hemingway has worked closely with older people across mainland Europe and the UK, empowering them to shape solutions for staying active and independent as they age.

Discover the invaluable lessons and key findings garnered through these collaborative efforts, shedding light on the path to successful co-production for longevity and wellbeing.

Jo Stapleton and Jennie Shrewsbury

Good Mentors Project

Unlocking Insights: Journey Through the 7-Year Ageing Better Programme

Jo and Jennie will unveil insights from their extensive experience with the 7-year Ageing Better Programme. Delve into their expertise as they navigate through the outreach and co-production journeys undertaken during the programme, revealing key headlines and pivotal discoveries.

Discover how their work has contributed to the Stronger Together Toolkit, providing valuable resources, and further reading to support ongoing initiatives in outreach and co-production. Join them as they share their wealth of knowledge and experience in fostering collaborative approaches to ageing well.


Dr Theo Fotis

Reader at the School of Sport & Health Sciences at Brighton University

Reimagining Healthcare: Insights from the Living Lab

Dr Theo Fotis will discuss his pioneering work within the Living Lab, offering unique insights gained through collaboration with Brighton and Hove City Council and community partners. Through his presentation, Theo will illustrate the University of Brighton’s ongoing commitment to engaging with diverse stakeholders. He will showcase how this engagement has facilitated exploration, experimentation, and innovation to redefine healthcare management, pushing the boundaries for enhanced outcomes and service delivery.


Ageing Well – Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG)

Insights from the Heart: The Role of Lived Experience in Ageing Well Partnerships

Celebrate the invaluable contributions of the Ageing Well LEAG as they share their wisdom and first-hand perspectives in shaping the Brighton and Hove Ageing Well Partnership.

Join us for a special video presentation, ‘Making Things Happen in Brighton and Hove,’ where members of the LEAG share their motivations for participating in the partnership’s work. Gain insight into their understanding of engagement and co-production and witness the impact of their dedication on enhancing services for older people in our community.

Immersive Workshops: Dive Deep into Specialised Topics with Industry Experts

Our enriching workshops will be led by specialists from esteemed organisations, and universities. These interactive sessions offer delegates the opportunity to delve into specific topics, gaining valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Delegates can select two workshops on the day from the following options:

Workshop 1:

Living Through Landscapes – Co-Produced Dementia Friendly Garden Design

Dr. Hannah Swift, University of Kent

Explore the innovative use of a talking mat tool in co-producing dementia-friendly garden designs. Dr. Hannah Swift will showcase how gardens were evaluated before and after redesign across 25 settings in the UK, focusing on inclusive co-production.

Workshop 2:

The Role of Digital Technologies in Supporting Well-Being for Older Adults

Professor Kathleen Galvin & Dr Theo Fotis, Innovate Dignity

Discover insights from older adults across multiple countries on living well and navigating care systems. Through extensive research and engaging mediums like animated films, this session explores dignity in the digital world and addresses ageing and care in European contexts.

Workshop 3:

Equity & Inclusion in Ageing Spaces 

The Clare Project and Switchboard

A discussion workshop on holding intersectional space. Both The Clare Project and Switchboard have developed services over recent years that aim to enable and empower people with multiple marginalised identities in community-led spaces. Join them for a session to explore how some of our reflections may support our learning and service developments to ensure no ageing person is left behind. ‘

Workshop 4:

Amplifying Underrepresented Voices: Overcoming Barriers to Participation

Claire Johnson, Hangleton and Knoll Project & Kirsty Walker, Trust for Developing Communities

Join us for an insightful workshop dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices and dismantling barriers to participation. Delve into discussions on overcoming the digital divide, addressing issues of poverty, navigating long-term health conditions, supporting individuals with English as a second language, bridging cultural differences, and fostering trust in services. Gain practical strategies for inclusivity and learn how to ensure that all voices are heard and valued in community initiatives and projects.

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